Trexler Creek Flood Study- Granite Quarry

The Town of Granite Quarry constructed several improvement projects along Trexler Creek in Rowan County. Trexler Creek is in Rowan Counties FEMA’s Flood Insurance Program and therefore has a delineated 100-year flood hazard area.  AWCK was retained by the Town to provide a LOMR application to revise the 100-year flood hazard area for Trexler Creek.  The application has been submitted to NC Floodplain Mapping for review.  The LOMR study included the hydraulic analysis of (1) the replacement of the pipes carrying Norfolk Southern Railroad over the creek with a train trestle, (2) the replacement of the pipe with box culverts on Bank Street, (3) the replacement of the pipe carrying Brookwood Avenue over the creek, and (4) the grading and filling of a portion of the flood fringe area for the construction of Granite Park.

The impact of the four projects was a lowering of the 100-year flood elevations along the length of the creek and the removal of a significant number of adjacent structures from the flood hazard area.

Project Manager:    G. Wesley Webb, P.E.