Mackintosh On The Lake Dam Repairs

Mackintosh on the Lake is a large residential development being built by Wakefield Developers in Burlington, North Carolina. The project includes replacing the damaged riser and barrel, upgrading the spillway capacity of the dam to meet High Hazard requirements, and regrading the dam to provide additional storage and access during large storm events. The principal spillway has failed and the emergency spillway has a severely eroded discharge channel.  The final design will include removing the existing riser and barrel and replacing it with a concrete riser and box culvert barrels.  The spillway will be designed to pass all of the runoff through the riser & barrel in order to provide access across the dam for emergency vehicles during large storm events.  Due to the materials used to construct the original dam, there are issues with the existing slopes of the dam, which will require additional grading to provide a stable slope.  The riser and barrel have been designed for the dam, but the final design options for the earth embankment are still being evaluated.  The time schedule for the project is driven by the housing market, and is not planned for construction this spring.  Prior to construction, permits will have to be obtained for erosion control, site development, filling in a FEMA flood plain, stream/wetland impacts, and dam construction.  AWCK is providing the Design, Permitting, Bidding, and Construction Inspection.

Project Manager: G. Wesley Webb, P.E.
Completed: Under Design- Project on Hold due to Economic Issues
Construction Budget: $500,000