Old Stoney Creek Dam Repairs – Burlington

Located in the City of Burlington, The project was the repair of an area along the toe of a concrete gravity dam that had eroded during a large storm event.  This area acted as a spillway when the dam was overtopped.  The erosion damaged the existing piping to the water supply wet well and created stability issues on the downstream side of the dam.

The site did not have a location where an additional spillway could be installed to route the flow away from the dam, so a liner was installed to protect the area along the toe of the dam. Design of the project included surveying, channel modeling to confirm spillway capacity and design stability, site grading, spillway improvements, Land Quality permits for dam repairs and erosion control, and Corp of Engineer permits for dam repair activities.  The repairs included placing compacted soil in the eroded area at the toe of the dam and in the area of the abandoned storage well, the placement of an armor along the toe of the dam and extending outward towards the creek, the removal of existing sediment from the tail race area, and the removal of existing damaged water system piping.

Project Manager: G. Wesley Webb, P.E.
Year Completed: 1999
Construction Cost: $175,000