City of Burlington-Retrofit BMP Selection Study

DSC04458AWCK worked with the City of Burlington to create a comprehensive list of stormwater retrofit opportunities within the City. The study was completed in an effort to reduce nutrient loading within the Jordan Lake Watershed and to improve water quality within the impaired Little Alamance Watershed. The evaluations prioritized watershed impairment, nutrient reductions, public or private land ownership, upstream development, public education opportunities, design feasibility, and cost effectiveness. AWCK used the Jordan/Falls Lake Stormwater Accounting Tool extensively in calculating the expected nutrient loads and load reductions along with extensive use of ArcGIS and site visits to evaluate each opportunity. At the conclusion of the study, AWCK designed and managed the construction of the highest rated project, a Bio Retention Basin at the City’s Aquatics Center.

Project Contact: Mr. Michael Layne Field Operations Manager City of Burlington
Project Manager: Josh Johnson, P.E.
Project Engineer: Kyle Smith, P.E.
Completion Date: 2012