8th Street Culvert Replacement – Kannapolis

The old 4-foot wide x 8-foot tall stone masonry culvert carrying 8th Street over Lumber Yard Branch  failed and is to be replaced with a 110-foot long, 8-foot wide x 7-foot tall box culvert. Lumber Yard Branch is included in FEMA’s Flood Insurance Program and therefore has a delineated 100-year flood hazard area. The project includes a FEMA CLOMR and LOMR application, stream impacts, and wetlands.  Due to physical constraints the outlet end of the box culvert includes a Saint Anthony Falls Concrete Stilling Basin that uses a hydraulic jump to dissipate energy.  This project also includes roadway improvements, storm drainage, sidewalks and improvements to the public water system.

Project Manager:            G. Wesley Webb, P.E.
Completion:                In design
Estimated Construction Cost:    $900,000