Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) Inspection Reports

The City of Mebane requires operation and maintenance inspection reports to be submitted for all structural SCMs on an annual basis. Additionally, stormwater SCMs must be periodically inspected per the frequency specified in the recorded operation and maintenance agreement for the facilities.

The City of Mebane has developed stormwater SCM Inspection Reports and are available for download with the following links:

Annual Inspection Cover (Required for all)
Dry Extended Detention Basin
Filter Strip, Restored Riparian Buffer and Level Spreader
Sand Filter
Stormwater Wetland
Wet Detention Basin
Grassed Swale
Infiltration Basin
Infiltration Trench
Permeable Pavement
Proprietary Device
Rainwater Harvesting
Rooftop Runoff Management
Underground Detention System

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