Grants, Loans, Economic Analysis and Rate Studies

AWCK-Grants, Loans, Economic Analysis and Rate StudiesAlley, Williams, Carmen and King offers a full line of services and professional staff to assist governmental entities in assessing the needs of their community and identifying possible funding sources to provide those needs. AWCK understands that governments need new infrastructure and need to repair aging infrastructure. AWCK will help access these needs and identify potential grants and funding sources to fund these needs. AWCK has been involved with the following programs to help governmental entities achieve their goals.

  • State Revolving Funds
  • Clean Water Management Trust Fund
  • NC Rural Center
  • USDA Rural Development
  • NCDOT Grants
  • Federal Grant Programs


Many of the programs also require economic analysis and rate studies as a part of our services.


Leak Detection Services

Alley, Williams, Carmen & King, Inc. offers water leak detection services for local water providers. We can provide a water leak survey of the entire water system to identify possible leaks for repairs. With our acoustical leak detection equipment, our goal is to help water departments identify water losses in their water distribution system. By reducing leaks in the water system, water departments can reduce operating expenses, reduce water purchase costs, and save overall water capacity for other uses.