Dakota Street Culvert Replacement – Kannapolis

The City of Kannapolis had to replace the corrugated metal pipe that failed during Hurricane Faye.  The culvert carries Dakota Street over Three Mile Branch which is in FEMA’s Flood Insurance Program.  The project included the installation of an 80-foot long dual 12-foot span x 8-foot rise poured in place concrete box culvert, poured in place concrete wingwalls, roadway, curb and gutter, storm drainage, sidewalk, and water and sewer relocations. AWCK prepared the construction plans, specifications and contract documents. Since the project was located on a FEMA regulated stream, a LOMR application was prepared for the replacement of the pipe. The application is currently being reviewed by NC Floodplain Mapping.

Project Manager: G. Wesley Webb, P.E.
Completion Date: 2011
Construction Cost: $552,000