Lake Lea Dam Repairs – Clemmons

Lake Lea Dam is a lake located in the Meadowbrook Subdivision in Clemmons, North Carolina. The project included upgrading the spillway capacity of the dam to meet reduced High Hazard requirements and replacing the failed principal spillway with a new riser and barrel. The lake is located in a subdivision with developed properties adjacent to the dam, a US Highway downstream, and a FEMA floodplain immediately downstream of the dam.

The site restrictions did not allow construction of adjacent emergency spillways, and the design had to limit impacts to the existing structures in the dams and out of the FEMA floodplain

An analysis of the downstream area was prepared to show that the sunny day dam failure would not damage the highway downstream and that the downstream structures would be flooded if the dam was removed.  This allowed a reduction in the spillway requirements.  A large riser and box culvert barrel was constructed in the dam to pass the design storm event.  Design of the project included surveying, HEC1 Modeling to confirm spillway capacity and downstream impacts, HEC2 modeling to determine downstream flood elevations, site grading, riser and box culvert spillway design, Land Quality permits for dam repairs and erosion control, and Corp of Engineer permits for dam repair activities.

AWCK provided the Design, Permitting, Bidding, Construction Inspection, and Contract Administration on this project.

Project Manager: G. Wesley Webb, P.E.
Completion: 1998
Construction Cost: $175,000