Lake Cammack Sedimentation Pond Inspections and Restoration – Burlington

One of Burlington’s water supply lakes, Lake Cammack had 24 sedimentation ponds built around it that reduce sediment that enters the lake and improves water quality. The ponds were constructed by the City of Burlington in 1960-1961 and are on private properties around the Lake. In the spring of 2011, AWCK began conducting inspections and preparing maintenance reports for each pond, in order to prioritize the improvements for the City of Burlington’s Stormwater Department. The report was completed in April 2011 and maintenance activities are currently underway. The final report recommended improvements to several ponds and prioritized the improvements to enable the City of Burlington to phase the improvements out over a longer time frame. The report also included recommendations for improving nutrient removal from the sedimentation ponds.

Project Manager: Josh Johnson, P.E
Project Engineer: Kyle Smith, P.E
Completion: 2011
Construction Cost: $55,000.00 Annually

PondReport Map