Mt. Pleasant Fire Flow Study – Kannapolis

The Town of Mount Pleasant Fire Department recently completed fire flows test on their water system.  Their fire flow results showed a significant drop in both pressures and flows during the test.   Due to the results of their tests, the City contracted with AWCK to perform a Fire Flow Study of their water system and to determine the cause of the reduced flow and pressure.  The study also included obtaining the location and elevation of approximately 170 hydrants and the 5 pressure reducing valves on their water system by GPS.  AWCK performed a fire flow test on each hydrant in accordance with ISO testing procedures.  The tests showed that the pressure reducing valves were not operating correctly, and two (2) valves were found to be closed on their system. As a result of the test and analysis, the pressure reducing valves were fixed and the system valves opened.  This information obtained by this study will be used by AWCK in the preparation of a water model of their water system and implementation of a Capital Improvements Program for upgrades to their water system.

Project Manager: Jeffery D. Moody, PE
Completion: 2011