Town of Yanceyville—Water System Enhancement Projects

Over several decades, AWCK has assisted the Town of Yanceyville with the installation or replacement of approximately 51,000 LF of water main. AWCK has produced construction drawings, specifications and bid documents for the projects below. The emergency water line connection will provide a second connection to the Town, from the City of Danville, VA. The 2002 installation of the Providence water main supplied domestic potable water to forty six residences and businesses that were identified by the State of North Carolina as being users of contaminated well water.

Yanceville Emergency Water Line Connection (2014): 11,700 LF of 8” new water main.
CDBG Water Improvements (2010): 1,500 LF of 8” water main replacement.
Ninth Street Water Improvements (2010): 800 LF of 8” water main replacement.
Water Valve and Hydrant Replacement (2008): 100 LF of water main replacement.
Providence Water Extension (2002): 37,000 LF of 8” new water main.

Project Contact: Mr. Mark Guthrie, Public Works Director
Phone Number: (336)344-3039

AWCK Contact:
Darrell Russell, P.E.
Mark Averette, P.E.
Yanceyville Water