Downtown Water Improvements – Kannapolis

The Kannapolis Downtown Water Improvements consist of the replacement of old small unlined cast iron and galvanized steel water lines in the downtown commercial district with larger water lines to improve water quality and fire protection. The contract included the installation of approximately 5,500 LF of 16″ and 1,550 LF of 8″ ductile iron pipe and appurtenances. The project was completed with minimal disruption to vehicular and pedestrian traffic to the existing downtown merchants. The public was kept informed of road closures and progress of construction throughout the construction process by use of public notifications in the newspaper, a construction schedule updated weekly on the City website, and the downtown merchants were updated weekly and/or as needed by e-mail from AWCK’s construction administrator. Project was financed by an EPA grant, HUD grant and local funding.

Project Manager: Jeffery D. Moody, PE
Completion: 2011
Construction Cost: $2,190,000