City of Mebane—Water Extension Projects

Over several decades, AWCK has assisted the City of Mebane with multiple domestic water projects, including new water main extensions, as well as the replacement of aging infrastructure. The projects below total nearly 35,000 LF of domestic water infrastructure that has been designed for the City of Mebane over approximately the last ten years.


AICDZ Phase 2 (2014): 10,800 LF of 16” new water main.
Mebane Fire Station Water Main Extension (2013): 1,200 LF of 12” new water main.
Walker Drive Water Main Replacement (2012): 4,400 LF of 6” water main replacement.
Austin Street & Lee Street Water Main Replacement (2008): 2,000 LF of 6-8” water main replacement.
Wilba Road Water Main Replacement (2006): 1,600 LF of 8” water main replacement.
Holt Street Connector (2002): 14,500 LF of 12-24” new water main.

Project Contact: Mr. Wayne Pore
Mebane Public Works Director
City of Mebane

AWCK Contact: Darrell Russell, P.E.

Mebane Water Extension Projects

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