Town of Haw River Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phases 1, 2, & 3

The Project consists of the rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer lines at several locations within the Town of Haw River. The existing sewer lines that are to be rehabilitated currently have problems with infiltration, inflow, backups, and root infestation. The project consists of sliplining 2,045 LF of 10” gravity sewer, sliplining 8,056 LF of 8″ gravity sewer, pipebursting 951 LF of 6” gravity sewer to 8″ gravity sewer and rehabilitating 44 manholes. All of the pipes being rehabilitated are at least 40 years old and are constructed of vitrified clay pipe (VCP) and have issues with infiltration, inflow, backups, and root infestation. The Town has a significant Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) issue as its sewer flows spike compared to its water consumption flows during wet weather. The project is federally funded through the CWSRF Program and construction is expected to start in late 2015.

Project Contact: Mr. Jeff Earp, Town Manager (336)578-0784
Project Manager: Josh Johnson, PE
Project Engineer: Troy King, PE
Estimated Cost: $1,025,000
Completion: Late 2015.