City of Mebane Effluent Discharge Line at WRRF

The new effluent discharge line at the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) replaces the 18-inch line with approximately 900 feet of 36-inch line and relocates the discharge further downstream on city property where floodwaters are at a lower elevation. The new line is able to discharge peak flows of approximately 10 million gallons per day during a 100-year storm event and will reduce the need for continuous pumping during heavy rainfall events, preventing potential backups at the filters.

Project Contact: Mr. David Cheek, City Manager
Phone Number: (919)563-5901
Project Manager: Franz Holt, PE
Project Engineer: Troy King, PE
Contractor:Park Construction of NC, Inc.
Total Project Budget: $400,000
Start Date:10/23/2017
Substantial Completion:12/01/2017