Town of Gibsonville- Travis Creek Inflow and Infiltration Study

48AWCK conducted the study for the Town of Gibsonville to assist the Town in seeking to identify sources of inflow and infiltration into the sanitary sewer system. The study took place in downtown Gibsonville, north of the railroad tracks. The investigation included smoke testing 8” & 10” sewer mains and outfalls throughout downtown, in search of sources of inflow and potential cross connections. The smoke testing results identified areas that needed more in-depth investigation. The sewer lines in these areas were cleaned and videoed using a remote controlled video recording device. All of the data was compiled into a list of proposed sewer improvements to reduce inflow and infiltration into Gibsonville’s sanitary sewer system. This study identified many of the areas identified in the proposed RFQ for rehabilitation.

Project Contact: Mr. Ben Baxley, Town Manager (336)449-4144
Project Manager: Josh Johnson, PE
Project Engineer: Troy King, PE
Estimated Cost: $1,025,000
Completion: Late 2014

Gibsonville Sewer Map - Smoke Testing