City of Burlington—Great Alamance Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall

AWCK provided construction drawings, specifications and bid documents for Section 1 of the Great Alamance Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall for the City of Burlington. The project consisted of installing approximately 21,100 lf of 42 inch DIP and Fiberglass Gravity Sewer Main from the existing sewer main at Little Alamance Creek to Gunn Creek. Project construction began in May 2000 and was completed in June 2001. The project also included the installation of a twin 24” DIP siphon under Little Alamance Creek. The project allowed development for the Southern and western areas of the City.

Project Contact: Mr. Jim Lauritson, P.E., Retired City Engineer
Phone Number: (336) 684-0082

Project Manager and Project Engineer: Mark Reich, PE
Construction Budget Cost: $4.8 Million
Completion Date: 2001GreatAlamanceCreek