Town of Gibsonville-Travis Creek Pump Station Replacement

Travis creek Pump Station (at almost 1700 GPM) is the largest capacity station in Gibsonville, and it is located north east of town on Amick Road. The entire portion of Town’s sewer system, north of the rail road tracks, flow to this station. We assisted Town staff with pump replacement for the Travis Creek Pump Station. The existing pumps were over 25 years old and in need of replacement. In early 2012, we scheduled a meeting with the pump representative to establish pump replacement parameters. In the process, the pump soft starters were replaced and some minor electrical upgrades were made. At that time the generator was not replaced, but budget provisions for generator replacement are now in place.


Project Contact: Mr. Ben Baxley, Town Manager (336)449-4144
Project Manager: Darrell Russell, P.E.
Project Engineer: Mark Averette, P.E.
Completion: 2012


Travis Creek Pump Replacement web composite