Village of Alamance Project Completed

The Village of Alamance recently constructed and installed a new siphon system, and upgraded the sewer pump station located on NC Hwy 62 South. The new siphon system will eliminate a pump station at the end of Councilman Drive and provide gravity sewer service for a majority of sewer flow discharged from the Village. The new siphon system is located outside the flood plain, off Pond Road which provides easy access for the Town. The NC 62 pump station was upgraded with new pumps, control panel, a shelter, and a standby generator in case of power failures. This project reduces the risk for sewer overflows and provides the Village with a more reliable sewer system, while also reducing future maintenance and utility costs. The total cost for the project was $988,700 and it was entirely self-funded by the Village.

Alley, Williams, Carmen, and King’s Mark Reich was the project manager for the project and worked with the Village and the contractor to bring the siphon and the pump station in service. AWCK’s involvement included design, permitting, easement mapping, bidding, and construction administration and oversight.