AICDZ – New Roadway Impr: TIP: U5538 (Melville Commerce Parkway)

AWCK received an Economic Development Impact Award from the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce for our work as the prime design consultant, engineer, and construction manager on the North Carolina Commerce Park. AWCK collaborated extensively with numerous governmental entities including the Cities of Graham and Mebane, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce on the project which spans 1,000-acres in the Hawfields area. Our scope of services included full phase surveying, permitting, engineering design, and construction administration for the completion of approximately 17,000 linear feet of 12-inch and 16-inch waterline, approximately 17,000 linear feet of 15-inch and 18-inch sanitary sewer, and approximately 9,000 linear feet of industrial roadway. Our multi-disciplinary team performed as one to realize a comprehensive phased design solution which serves as an economic development hub for the county and represents a win for the surrounding municipalities.

Whether our client is a private land developer, city, county, or municipality, our dedicated team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals will play a pivotal role in managing multiple contractors and keeping projects on track, on budget.

AWCK, Inc. Economic Development Impact Award

Owner: City of Graham, NC and City of Mebane, NC
Project Contact: David Cheek, City of Mebane
Project Contact: Frankie Maness, City of Graham

Project Manager: Franz Holt, PE
Project Engineer: Kyle Smith, PE
Asst. Project Engineer: Josh Johnson, PE

Reviewing Agencies:Us Army Corps of Engineers
North Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality
North Carolina Dept. of Transportation

Comp. Date: Summer 2016

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